The Importance of Following Other Writing Blogs

Publicity Tip #76 ~

social media flowersSome writers who are new to the blogging scene are reluctant to “Follow” other writing blogs. If they write historical fiction they might follow the Historical Society of XYZ or blogs about Genealogy, Family Tree Building and so on.

It’s important to follow general writing blogs, marketing/publicity writing blogs AND fellow author blogs in addition to your “research-based” blogs.


These other blog are what provide casual publicity opportunities that are quite often free if not extremely low-cost. When you’re able to reach out to these various site you are also gaining a potential glance by complete strangers at your book/author info.

Today, as I scanned through the titles on my WordPress Reader (going through the 50-odd blogs I currently follow) this is what I found:

The blog Everything’s Coming Up Rosie is offering a free, simple promotional today yesterday

Share Your Blog

Not only does Rosie offer us writers a chance to post a link to our blog in the comments section of her blog but she’s developed the hashtag #shareyourblog for this very event to carry on into Twitter or Instagram.

Is this a novel idea?

Yes and no. It’s a fantastic idea that has, yes, been done before and if we’re doing it again it means that it works… for some of us. But wouldn’t you be more than a little sheepish if you didn’t give it a try and lost potential new readers because of it?

Even though it started yesterday, take 5 minutes to pop over to Rosie’s site and Tweet or Instagram your way into a free publicity option that might just earn you a few more followers 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on Tehillah Media and commented:
    Simple truth are which are often neglected in the whole sphere of writing . Commenting on other blogs, Forum blogging, Guest Blogging is all important and writing and publishing your articles on other article publishing sites like, is very key as it drives traffic to your site and also grows your Google rank in the end.

    Its not going to happen overnight as well, you will have to to work on it and invest in being visible as a writer more than anything.


  2. I experienced the Karma of responding to a blog post this week by accepting the challenge to write a post about my writing space and day. This post was re-blogged and I have spent many happy moments responding to comments, reading other blogs, following several and making new contacts. It’s a wonderful experience – far too often we are too busy to get fully involved, but the experiences we miss could be so enriching – as well as rewarding. Thanks for the links and reminder. D


    • Thank you Diana for sharing your experience with us 🙂 In this fast-paced world it’s easy to forget or ignore connecting with others who share our passions. Yes, it’s important for writers to “write” but unless you’ve already made a name for yourself in your market it’s imperative to see the bigger picture sometimes and allow yourself the free-time to just have a little fun with blogging.


  3. Thanks for the shout out and excited to hear that you came across my blog. 🙂 For myself, the only way to get engagement on your page, is to try engaging with the other bloggers. Engage, engage, engage!


  4. I find that following other writers also let me join a great base of people and contacts. Everyone seems so friendly and willing to help each other out on their projects! Some times it’s not all about marketing or networking 😀

    Great post!


    • Very true, Mishka 🙂
      I just focused on the marketing side for today’s publicity tip. Reading and responding on other writing-related blogs (any blogs actually) helps get you out of your own head space and at the very least “virtually” interacting with people who have similar interests.


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