Questions of Consistency Within a Series

blurred characters

All Those Blurred People… Stig Nygaard – Flickr – Creative Commons License


You might think that this quote is stating the obvious,

especially when you look at the consistency of character

in one book.

But what about a series?

Characters are supposed to change:





but gradually (most of the time).

But what about when you suddenly take your series back to a time

before your main characters were born?

What if you’re choosing to look at their ancestors

and a terrible societal event

that become the catalyst for the first two books in your series?

When the characters are suddenly different

how are you supposed to stay true to them?

Does TRUTH then move

from the character to the world in which they live? thrive? die?

What if this world is days away from

the New Renaissance that happens and these new characters

are trapped in the old ways

because of a choice they made?

How then do you stay true to your series?

What if it’s a sci-fi series

that takes place on another planet at a time when life is less advanced than we are now?

The struggle for truth is not always easy.


Have you faced a struggle for truth in the characters or world of your own writing?

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  1. Reblogged this on Author M.J. Moores and commented:

    As you may or may not know, I run writers blog with new or shared content most days of the week. Today I look at what’s plaguing me the most with plotting for book 3 in The Chronicles of Xannia. I’m effectively at a crossroads and I’m questioning all my choices…


  2. I’m currently writing a series, so these are some great things to think about!


    • Hi Mishka,
      It never fails that some book series are easier than others to remain consistent with but then there are others that just demand more of us than we ever imagined 😀 Good luck with your writing!


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