tomorrow, the bigger issue

m a woodBorn in South Carolina, raised in Atlanta, m.a. wood relocated to Annandale-on-Hudson New York as a teen. There she attended Bard College. She worked as a recreation therapist for ten years and then moved into the business world, specifically working with healthful food, party and retreat planning, and hotel management. She did a short stint as the 3rd mate on the Clearwater and then decided to go into teaching. She is an English Language Arts teacher.


Finding dignity does not include polls,

Dominating forces will rise and fall.

Dignity is meant for those, the worthy.

What is important and useful to you?

How will we navigate the rough wild sea,

so much larger than us in her majesty?

Do not lose your self-esteem. You need it.

Self-respect does not conflict with humility,

like a life jacket it will aide us in remaining afloat.

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  1. thanks you for the reblogs, much appreciated.


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