Crowdfunding Isn’t Just For Indie Authors


Publicity Tip #82 ~

Crowdfunding with Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and other more niche platforms can be an Indie Author’s saving grace, so long as you know how to work the system.

slush pileNow, I know that PubSlush may seem like just another crowdfunding platform, but this one might work better for you than the big-guys because it’s all about literature (and it’s not just for self-publishers).

I know I introduced you to CrowdScribed last year but this platform works on a slightly different premise to Kickstarter (and the standard fundraising platform). If you like the idea of Kickstarter but you’re leery about trying crowdfunding in such a diverse market place, consider looking into PubSlush.

This is a platform designed by a mother and daughter team specifically to help emerging authors (Indie, Small Press, or Traditional Big House) get a foothold on the expenses of launching their books.

From requests to help support editing, book cover design, interior print design and book printing costs to marketing across the spectrum, the people hanging out and reading the work posted to PubSlush are all dedicated readers who want to help… and there are no ‘strings attached’ as you may infer from what CrowdScribed offers. PubSlush runs like a mini-Kickstarter for bibliophiles πŸ˜‰

The basic stats show that 70% of crowdfunding platforms fail – in other words, they don’t achieve their monetary goal and so any money donated is returned to the initial contributors.

Why do so many people not reach their goal?

They insulate themselves.

These platforms are all about sharing pieces of your work, making connections (like social media) and convincing a lot of people to share on their own social media sites what it is that you’re doing and why those other people should help you too.

If you’re not prepared to do some hard publicity on behalf of your campaign then, no… you probably won’t make you goal.

So, does that mean you shouldn’t even try?

Heck no!

Even if you’re not great at social media and have only a handful of friends (for whatever reason), depending on the size of your goal ($500 for copy editing expenses), and your own determination to simply do the best you can you might just surprise yourself.

After all, there are readers out there looking for the next great book – and it just might be yours πŸ˜€

Click HERE to see what another author has to say about her experience with PubSlush.

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