Tweet, Tweet – A Good Book Tweeting Site to Consider?

Publicity Tip #86 ~

Just a quickie this morning 😉 I know we all like those – lol!

Twitter is a useful tool that I’m still learning how to use but when someone has 68K followers and is offering to publicize my book for free – I’ll drop them a line and leave my details.

Now “Free” isn’t always, but Jay D. with the AHA Program (Author Helps Author) claims to follow through on his promise to tell his followers about you. What it will actually cost you is .99c US.


Because Jay D. is utilizing a marketing ploy to find readers. However, he will hold good on his promise of “tweets for life” if you scratch his back and buy his book [NOTE: Read this Opinion Piece for more information].

Jay says he has 250,000 “readers” on twitter (even though his formal stats show 68K for actual “followers”) but honestly… either way someone will see his tweet about my book. He offers this service based on your timeline for free-day advertising, debut book launch, new title, up-coming discount days, etc. If you can make it ‘newsworthy’ he’ll tweet it.

All you have to do is visit his author website and enter your book details on his custom form.

Also, feel free to check out his twitter page (EBOOK PROMOTER) to see what kind of tweets are going out and how you can craft your own if you’re not sure how.

I know, you might be thinking, “But the biggest advice I get about advertising on twitter is to give quality content five times for every one ‘buy me’ tweet – doesn’t all this guy do is tweet ‘buy me’ for people? Why would anyone read that?”

The difference here is that those people who are Jay D.’s followers/readers on twitter are looking for a good deal or a new book to sink their teeth into (mainly a good deal). So they are reading the tweets he puts out and judging whether or not to take a chance on you based on the 140 characters you use – so use them wisely 😉

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