Never Break a Promise to Yourself… but Don’t Keep Idle Ones Either

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Promises are tricky,

especially those promises we make to ourselves:

I won’t do that ever again…

I’ll try harder next time…

I won’t give up…

I’ll be there for you…

Those are all extremely difficult promises to keep.

But what about the promises we make to ourselves as writers?

I promise:

I’ll spend find more time to write…

I’ll find more time for my family…

I’ll work on finding that agent…

I’ll do it by myself and show them all…

I’ll write that chapter tomorrow…

I’ll finish the book next month…

I… ?

In the pursuit of following my dream

staying true to my own promise




being an author


creating worlds


sharing dreams

I’d convinced myself that I could achieve this only one way.

But that wasn’t the promise…

not the how, just the doing

and if that means re-evaluating and making new plans

to fulfill that promise,

then so be it…

but I will keep that promise to myself.


What is one promise you’ve made to yourself as a writer/author that you’re still working toward fulfilling and what’s your plan for keeping that promise?

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3 replies

  1. Someone said: Promises are like babies, easy to make, difficult to keep.


  2. I’ve promised myself that I’ll finish my novel no matter what. I try and write in every spare moment I have (but there aren’t that many with two crazy toddlers!) 🙂


    • I completely understand, Eleanor 😀
      I have only one youngster just getting ready for Kindergarten and he takes up the bulk of my time… as does keeping my husband sane – lol! Yours is a very viable goal and a promise to yourself worth keeping!

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