Dream | Spoken Word by Licy Be

Licy-Be is a spoken word artist and rapper who aims to inspire, encourage and empower!  (See Licy-Be on youtube)

Licy-BeLicy Be was a disengaged youth who struggled with depression, sexual abuse, relationships and her identity. She attempted to take her life at the age of 17 and was asked to leave school. However, the challenges she endured in her teenage years did not define her. Rather, she went on to complete a Master Degree in Applied Psychology and now uses her past experience, psychology background and faith in Jesus to encourage others that are struggling in life through music and spoken word.


Licy Be

Spoken Word “Dream” by Licy-Be

I wrote this spoken word a few years ago when a family friend passed away. Nana Bev was a beautiful woman who I believe achieved a lot in her life, she was inspirational, fun, passionate and loved life! I think she could happily look back and say she left a beautiful legacy for her friends and family to continue. When you at your life, are you happy with the legacy you are building today? If this was your last “season” on earth, would you still be doing what your doing? I feel as though we have a responsibility to LIVE our legacy NOW and to pursue a DREAM that is far greater than ourselves!

Spoken word is something I am passionate about and I hope you are encouraged and inspired through these words to live the life you are called to, a life of GREATNESS!

Be blessed…

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