4 Great Book Publicity Options

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Publicity Tip #87 ~

Here are 4 wonderful opportunities for getting the word out about your book – all located on two cool sites run by one great Indie Author!

Chris McMullen gives you the complete breakdown HERE. Below you will find my abbreviated summaries:

1) Meet the Characters Chris is playing with a new concept to help readers connect with your book by not judging it by the cover… instead, develop a short post written by one of your characters using your book composition style.

2) Cover Reveal – Chris will be doing a series of cover reveals this year and would like to share the spotlight. When he announces one of his cover reveals, if yours happens to coincide he’ll gladly give you a “shout out” at the same time (cross-promotional Indie Author back-scratching at its finest).

3) Book Contests/Giveaways – Similarly to the Cover Reveals, Chris will announce your book giveaway contests along with his own if it happens to take place about the same time.

4) Special Categories – Have you written a book that doesn’t fit neatly into any preordained “Amazon” book category? Would you like to give your book a new category title that you wish were listed in Amazon and on other book retail sites? Now’s your chance – let Chris know about it and he’ll include your listing for other readers trying to find “something new” on his site.

Chris is proving a windfall of opportunity on his two websites all for FREE and legitimately so.

How can he afford to provide all this free publicity to like-minded authors?


Yup. A website or blog will go up in the Google ratings the more related links from other sites you have. And the theory goes, once he’s linked you to his site you’ll link him to your site (by telling all of your followers about how to find more info about your book) and the spiral of back-patting ignites.

Now, you may be wondering… is this worth my time? Does anyone know Chris? What’s his site traffic like?

The answer… awesome!

He’s got fantastic rankings both globally and locally within the USA – so participating in any one of the above opportunities is totally worth your time.

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