Open Call for Canadian Poets

As you may or may not know, Infinite Pathways Press is gearing up to publish an anthology called “The Human Condition” which will feature the winners of the various writing contests held here over the past 2 years. In addition to highlighting the wonderful creative works from those contests (winners and honourable mentions alike), we are enthusiastic about celebrating great writing in general. Right now, we have a fantastic selection of flash and short fiction but it is time to flush out the poetry corner 😉

With the official close of the IP Poetry Contest for 2015, I would now like to open submissions to poets who reside in Canada.

Molecular ThoughtsYou can submit up to 3 poems.

They need to fall under the umbrella of “The Human Condition”.

Their length must be between 8 – 60 lines.

You must be 16+ to submit a poem.

You need to be willing to give 1st publication rights (via a contract) to Infinite Pathways Press.


In fact, if the anthology pulls in a profit you stand to earn royalties on your piece within the 1st year of sales. Just submit your poem to administration (at) infinite-pathways (dot) org.


November 14th – December 15th

The anthology is scheduled to be published in print and via e-book Spring 2016.

Learn more about the anthology HERE.

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