THE HUMAN CONDITION: Infinite Pathways Press’ 1st Anthology Publication

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It is with great pleasure that I announce THE HUMAN CONDITION — the first anthology published by Infinite Pathways Press celebrating those Canadians who participated in the many and varied writing contests held on this website since it’s inception in 2014. Also included in this anthology are poems and short works selected from our open submission last fall.


“… an amazing collection of humanity exemplified through storytelling. A must read.” ~ Douglas Owen, DAOwen Publications

“… a fine collection of short fiction and poetry gleaned from recent writing competitions […] This is an encouraging first collection from Infinite Pathways Press.” ~ James Dewar, Inkslingers

The Human Condition - Cover Flat - Proof

The Tree of Life [symbolizes] a collection of conversation that lost souls and true believers have within themselves while keeping their heads to the sky. ~ Wesley Morris

Seeing humanity ascribed to this cyclical beauty, it is impossible to differentiate the passage of time from the emotional roil of life. In The Human Condition Anthology, this tree’s roots define where we come from, what we believe. The trunk holds to the strength of convictions, of experience; the bark is etched with a broad gamut of events, engraved into the very fibre of its being; the branches show growth and learning as they ache to find the sun; and the leaves are snapshots of memories, signs of thriving, power for the future, facets of the soul open to the world.

The stories contained herein are pieces of humanity crystallised. We invite you to share in the highs and lows of life, and absorb that which is offered by opening your heart and mind to the sharp points of flash fiction, the lilt of poetry, and the graceful rhythm of short prose which have taken root between these pages.

Click HERE to get your copy today.

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