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THE HUMAN CONDITION: Infinite Pathways Press’ 1st Anthology Publication

It is with great pleasure that I announce THE HUMAN CONDITION — the first anthology published by Infinite Pathways Press celebrating those Canadians who participated in the many and varied writing contests held on this website since it’s inception in… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #22

All I Half Left a short by M.J. Moores~ Normally the sweet-earthy scent of dew moist leaves beings me a peace and inner joy that tease forth a cocky smile and wide-spread arms. But not today. The ceaseless rain erases… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #16

Tick Tock A Short by M.J. Moores Feet hurried by: booted heels, galoshes, loafers, runners, and work boots.  They beat the ground according to their own time.  The small package wrapped in metallic blue paper, surrounded by a simple off-white… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #14

Infinite Pathways 2nd place finalist for Short Fiction up to 500 words: The Open Heart By Elizabeth Girard             His face looked awful, yellowish and swollen, pulled out of shape by the breathing tube taped to one side of his… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #13

Infinite Pathways 3rd place finalist for Short Fiction up to 500 words: Absence by Erika Willaert             For a moment, a stillness hung in the air, heavy yet hollow. Rose watched the balloon drift higher and farther than her eyes… Read More ›