Charlotte Cuevas

Day 136 – Eyeing Up the Moon

Charlotte Cuevas has done it again (she does it every day actually with her 365 Day Poetry Challenge) – The juxtaposition of whimsy and weight with her imagery bring home a universal truth I wanted to share with you all.

Visual Art as Poetry

The idea of ‘poetry’ surpasses more than just words. Often, for me, it reaches into other artistic avenues and mediums. The picture above reminded me of the contributing poet Charlotte Cuevas – when you read her poetry, even without knowing… Read More ›

A Poetic Pilgrimage

Day 64 – Do Not Wander Back Into That Dark Night   By Charlotte Cuevas, Poet. Librarian. Freelance Writer. Originally posted on November 11, 2013 Do not wander back into that dark night where the sweet air is tinged with the… Read More ›