Never Give Up

It’s interesting just how many authors I’ve spoken with or read blogs of over the last few years who’ve told the story of the moment they “gave up.” But they’re published authors now, so obviously that’s not the end of… Read More ›

Stereotyping & Books

Writerly Rant #40 by M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor. Freelance Writer. Tara Sparling is an author I follow who studies the analytics of the book business. She’s developed some great title generators for various genre fiction that highlight and speak… Read More ›

Editing Tip #26

Beware of Branding ~ We all do it; we all have a tendency in our day-to-day life to refer to brand-name products: Kleenex instead of Tissue Coke instead of Cola Tupperware instead of Plastic Container Kool Aid instead of Drink… Read More ›