Keep Writing & Keep Publishing

Publicity Tip #48

The best way to gain more followers is to keep writing and publishing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an indie author or with a traditional publisher: The more you put yourself out there, the more return you’ll get for your efforts.

If publishing is a new venture for you and you’re not quite sure what the best option is for you, consider downloading my newest eBook with Authors Publish Magazine:

How to Publish Your BookTake me for example: Since October 2013 I have published 2 non-fiction titles for new and emerging writers, three free prequel short stories (with a fourth coming out next month) to my fiction novel, and anticipate the launch of my first science fiction novel on October 1st, 2014.

That’ll be 7 major publications within one year.

But that’s not all I’ve done. I’ve published 10 articles (so far with another 2 expected come October), I’ve guest blogged on two writing sites, published a fun review article and upwards of 14 book reviews on this site & Goodreads. I even have an essay on writing coming out this September in a Writers Guide. Every time one of these items gets published there’s a spike in visits to my websites and downloads for my books.

The key is to find something you’re passionate about and just keep writing – and publishing!

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  1. Blimey, you have written loads! How do you fit it all in? 😀


    • LOL! Mishka 🙂
      It’s not easy as I’m raising my 3 year old son at the same time. I spend an hour on social media and this website in the mornings while he has his breakfast and does some quiet play time; then he naps for 1.5hrs in the afternoon – that’s usually when I take care of items for my clients & write articles; then I get an hour of writing in before bed when the boy is asleep and dinner for my husband and I is done; but the biggest block of time that I have to write is on the weekend when my husband is home and watching our son instead of me! Long weekends are a true blessing to be able to meet deadlines and really get creative with my own personal writing 😉 It’s not easy, that’s for sure – I’ll be right glad when the boy starts kindergarten next September. I won’t know what to do with myself!

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