Fiction Friday #25

Excerpt From DEMON HUNT By Renee Scattergood Auren braced herself as they started their descent. Everything was going smoothly until they reached the bottom and the canoe lurched, sending her flying forward. Somehow she twisted her body and in the… Read More ›

Interview with Sci-Fi Author Therin Knite

It’s my pleasure to welcome sci-fi, thriller author Therin Knite to Infinite Pathways today. Therin is an indie novelist who’s been gifted with the creative spark. Her second and newest book, Othella, just launched to high acclaim with 5 star… Read More ›

Review: Othella

Othella (Arcadian Heights #1)                             Author: Therin Knite Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars Highly Recommended Reading. Genre: Science Fiction/ Apocalyptic / Dystopian / Thriller. How does the world operate when it’s on the brink of destruction?… Read More ›

Fiction Friday #17

Excerpt From Othella Chapter 1 ~ Quentin ( 5 Years Ago ) I call it the “last supper.” I’m morbid that way. But it’s an accurate enough description. – After greeting the recruits as a group, I lead them to… Read More ›

Review: Tainted Justice

Tainted Justice                              Author: V. M. Gopaul Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars Recommended Genre: Contemporary Political Thriller — Tainted Justice is the first work of fiction written by V. M. Gopaul, a seasoned 9 time non-fiction author. … Read More ›