Review: Othella

Othella (Arcadian Heights #1)

                            OthellaAuthor: Therin Knite

Gold StarsRating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Highly Recommended Reading.

Genre: Science Fiction/ Apocalyptic / Dystopian / Thriller.

How does the world operate when it’s on the brink of destruction? Who are the major players? What is the state of hope and if there is such a thing in existence, what does it look like? Amidst the death, near death, starvation and destruction there is the Heights – Arcadian Heights. The problem is if you’ve got the smarts to be chosen to enter this last hope of salvation, will you ever come back out again?

Therin Knite’s mastery of suspense in this near-future apocalyptic nightmare draws readers into a world eerily similar to our own. Her decision to start the book in the not-so-distant past, through the eyes of three very different characters, allows her to use back story as the catalyst to the “main event.” By the time readers are brought up to speed with what is happening in the present, we are caught up in the web of lies and intrigue that revolve around the science hub, Arcadian Heights. Not only does this technique give readers a fascinating array of perspectives but provides Knite with the mobility required to keep us engaged and wanting to learn more.

By far my favourite character would have to be Georgette. She’s a brassy bad-ass investigative reporter who takes “getting the story” to a whole new level of crazy. Yet Knite reveals in subtle ways how Georgette’s past has made her the way she is. She’ll find a way to help someone by masking her weakness of heart with her motivation to get the story of a life time. Knowing there’s a chink in the carefully crafted armor of her facade makes her all the more real and vulnerable.

What tickles my literary side pink is the meaning and weight behind the title Othella. Immediately, anyone who has taken Shakespeare (and those lucky enough to study Othello) will wonder at the implication of the name. The entire book revolves around the genius of this one idea to the point where you’ll find yourself mentally clapping an ovation to the perfection of the title by the end of the story. What’s even better, is that readers don’t need to know the story of Othello to understand and revel in the weight and impact of the title – it all just makes sense.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Knite rise up and meet her success with a laugh and a punch in the face of traditional publishing. Her writing has balls just as much as it has heart.

Review by M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor. Freelance Writer.

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