How Much Can One Word Say?

Can poetry be just one word?


What if you made it all small letters?


What if it were all caps?


What if we put a colour behind it and changed the font?


Does that change the perception and story of the word?  Is it no longer just a word or is it the word that brings meaning to the colour & style?

What if there was a design behind the word?

red & black

Does this take the word to a new level of understanding or simply echo what we already knew of the word?

Has the story of this word changed?

What if we give the word a picture?


If a poem can be one word and encompass an entire story,

we as writers should therefore realize the impact of what we choose to

put on the cover of our books.  I’m not saying that every word is a poem or that

every book cover is a poetic image, but if one word, a bit of colour, and

a simple picture can say this much… the power of words

and their artistic counterparts is limitless.


What do you think?

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