Editing Tip #39

Test Yourself ~

Quiz ShowNot all writers are English Majors and they don’t have to be. But as a writer you should be willing to learn what you can about the fundamentals of your craft. It’s not just about telling the story… it’s about how the story is told and seen by others.

As you write more and more, and come in contact with more editors and more resources about self-editing, you’ll begin to see some contradictory advice and some pretty weird ideas – some of which are true, others are not, and still others are to be taken at the discretion of the author (like the use of some comma placements!).

So take the time to test yourself every once in a while. Find an editing quiz online and see how you stock up. Even if you ace it or do extremely well, the next time you’re on a break between projects or need some procrastination time (or desperately want to prove your editor wrong), take another one. These little tests will help you understand what information you’re retaining. By looking at the ‘right’ answers when you’re done, you might remember a couple more ‘rules’ you had either forgotten or never knew.

Here’s an interesting quiz done by Huffington Post. Some of these concepts are for more advanced self-editors but I think you might surprise yourself by taking it.



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