Flexing Your Mold

My research and study of genre has led me to the understanding that

it is terribly difficult to “break the mold”…

Agents don’t know what to make of you,

Publishers are afraid of you.

Readers might be willing to take a chance

but no one else has in order to get it to them.

With the inception of the genre “New Adult”

I had high hopes…

I like to write with characters 19-25 years old who learn about themselves and their place in this

big, bad world (or alternate reality/alien planet);

but then the hope died.

New Adult is not just college age…

it’s being streamlined into college romance with a few other older firsts tossed in for good measure.

Sure, I like romance about as much as the next person but I wouldn’t write a book where that’s my soul focus…

I’ll add a splash of romance blended into a subplot

but journeying, adventure, and the quest

rule my writing world.

That’s not to say that late teens and twenty-somethings wouldn’t like my work.

But “New Adult” is not the right mold for me…

but it’s close.

I’m learning about “crossover books” from book store owners and librarians…

It’s make up of writers who want to keep the spunk

of YA alive but deal with college-age issues

beyond romance.

This is a tenuous beginning

but I’ve found the right mold at last to make my own.


Do you fit a genre mold?

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