Guest Blogging Pt. 4

Publicity Tip #57 ~

Look for “Diamond’s in the Rough”. What does that mean? It means that during your target market blog searches also be keeping up to speed on author, reviewer and writing sites (like Infinite Pathways) as potential sources for guest blogging.

I have found a plethora of other authors (some in my genre and some who love all books) who enjoy spotlighting fellow authors on their website. What you need to keep foremost in your mind though are site statistics. You could have 20 g0-to author blogs that you write on frequently and each site might only have a following of 50 or so people. Guest blogging for these sites on a regular basis won’t get you the exposure you’re looking for (having your name appear multiple times in their meta-data and tags will help elevate your SEO but even then, not that much).

Now, I’m not saying to abandon these sites – everyone needs to start somewhere and those people who do follow these slower blogs might lead you to more fruitful opportunities. What you need to do is watch for those personal sites that have a good following (upwards of a few hundred) and a great site ranking (via or a similar site). It’s important to note local statistics (how active is the blog in any particular country as well as world-wide) – if a blog has a ranking of 700,000 – 500,000 it’s doing okay and has a steady following with regular visitors. These are good sites. The smaller that ranking number gets, the more activity that website sees and thus the more potential you have for being seen. Blogs that rank under 100,000 are fantastic finds.

In my own journey’s I have found that the British site Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog (named for it’s author & editor) is frequented by readers and writers the world over. She has numerous opportunities for author publicity, including guest blogs and author spotlights. This makes her a busy woman, so if your query goes without a reply for more than two weeks, give her a gentle reminder that you’re there and still interested in participating.

Start building your list for potential guest blog sites ASAP and never stop.

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