Guest Post by Renee Scattergood – Author of the Shadow Stalker Series

Writerly Rant #63

Writing Room 101

Everyone’s a Critic

By Renee Scattergood

When I was a teenager, I didn’t take criticism well at all. From my perspective it was a personal attack. Sometimes it was, and maybe that’s why I had a negative response to any form of feedback I received (even if it was positive, believe it or not). I don’t recall what happened between then and now to make me start appreciating it, but I can tell you what I’ve learned over the years.

There is a big difference between constructive criticism and plain old negative feedback (for instance, someone telling you they hated your book without explaining why). When someone tells me they didn’t like something I’ve written, I just shrug it off. I don’t expect everyone will enjoy what I write. I certainly don’t like everything I read. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and that’s fine. So I’m not going to…

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