Pushing What You Know

Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures, Licensed under Creative Commons

Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures, Licensed under Creative Commons

I’ve been juggling lately with the old saying:

…to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…

but really, when it comes to writing

we write what we KNOW.

We’re told not to write from a perspective

we’re unfamiliar with –

not only might we offend someone

because we’re making things up


we might be perpetuating an urban myth


starting one of our own.


some of the most interesting characters

are those that we are unfamiliar with.

And so,

I like Dr Seuss’ quote better

because it acknowledges that we have brains

that we have the ability

and the capacity

(especially as writers)

of learning, discovering and researching

unfamiliar characteristics

in an attempt to help us understand

character motivation



to effectively push ourselves beyond what we know.


What’s the most interesting “non you” character you’ve ever read/written about?

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  1. If we only write what we know, does that mean all mysteries are written by murderers? LOL 😀


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