Character Connections – Inside & Out


A great pick-up line is just like having a great first chapter:

you want to engage your reader/partner immediately

and the best way to do that is to make a connection.

This connection needs to happen not only

between them and the character(s)

but between the various characters on the page.

The struggle we writers face

is an age old one – what is the best way to connect with our readers?

We’re told to be mindful of:

2 Dimensional Characters




And while for the most part, if we manage to catch the


of our readers with a great protagonist

traditionally our antagonist suffers (more so in the first draft).


I believe that if we can build these engaging characters

so that we love

and hate them

so will our readers 🙂


Which character connecting moment that you’ve written/read about has stayed with you the longest and why?

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