Writing is a Balancing Act of the Everyday & the Make-believe

lots of hats

Image courtesy of Mamluke – flickr


We’re all familiar with those multitudes

of hats

that writers wear

to be able to better tap into their characters:

rogue, goody-goody, villain, orphan, princess, king, pauper, thief…

There are even the familiar ones:

mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, grandfather, friend, bully…

But the writer herself

has to balance the cheque book, feed the family, console a friend, wipe runny noses

and work

to scrape together

some kind of balance between

home and work,

need and want

just to be able to survive…

whether that means putting food on the table


getting her next magnum opus out into the world –

but usually it’s



How are you doing these days – wading through your many hats?

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3 replies

  1. I’m finally getting there. It has been a long haul. The largest hat I now wear is my grandmother hat, but it is for these grandchildren that I write.


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