Torture Your Characters

The whole reason for a story is that we have something to say about something important to us. Often these moments come from either experiencing or sharing the experience of another who has suffered in some way. If nothing significant… Read More ›

The War of Balances

Life is all about the right combination of balances; we know this but it’s easy to forget. Whether you are a planner or a pants-er with your writing style a certain amount of forethought in the creation of an idea… Read More ›

Truth & Beauty

I feel there is an essential truth in the works that writers produce, especially those pieces that make it to publication. There is an inherent beauty, both dark and delicate, that our words bring to life. As readers, we don’t… Read More ›

Making the Time

This quote particularly resonates with me as a writer. We have all these story ideas that we’re itching to get out and share with others but if we let the demands of our profession and our personal life dictate how… Read More ›