Flexing Your Mold

My research and study of genre has led me to the understanding that it is terribly difficult to “break the mold”… Agents don’t know what to make of you, Publishers are afraid of you. Readers might be willing to take… Read More ›

Writing Rituals

When I was younger I would have said immediately that my ritual was to hand write/print draft one while sitting in nature. I don’t have that luxury anymore. While I do still find it cathartic to write a first draft… Read More ›

Writing & the Senses

The use of scent and the 5 senses in writing is essential. By creating moments whereby the reader is able to connect to time, place, mood, character, etc. writers open up a world of possibility and recognition. A book without… Read More ›

Never Give Up

It’s interesting just how many authors I’ve spoken with or read blogs of over the last few years who’ve told the story of the moment they “gave up.” But they’re published authors now, so obviously that’s not the end of… Read More ›

Virtue & Vice

There are hundreds of ways to interpret this quote and half of them likely pertain to writing in some fashion or other. My focus today is having patience with external forces in a writer’s life and those external forces having… Read More ›